Sunday, November 28, 2010

Writing Contest: "Why I Want Longer, Fuller Natural Lashes"

Surprise your family and friends this New Year--  draw more attention to your eyes with your  longer, fuller and natural lashes!

And you can do so for FREE--  without using those troublesome eyelash extensions and sticky fake eyelashes!

We are  giving away FREE bottles of ILASH®.

ILASH®   is an eye lash and brow conditioning gel manufactured in the USA and developed by a talented team of physicians.

Clinical studies have shown that  with the use of ILASH®,  there is increase in lash length appearance after 3 weeks. Used once daily, the application process is just as simple as applying liquid eyeliner.

ILASH® is ideal for people with thinning lashes, or for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their eyelashes naturally. It is also a safer way to restore fullness to thinning eyebrows

To get a chance to win one bottle of ILASH®, just join this  writing contest.  Simply compose a sytlish, engaging and persuasive piece on  "Why I Want Longer, Fuller Natural Lashes.

Contest details are as follows:

  • Participants should have their own blogs and must be at least 18 years old.
  • Open only to residents of the Philippines
  • Contestants  will post on their own  blogs  about "Why I Want Longer, Fuller Natural Lashes."  
  • A link to the contestants" blog post will have to be placed in the comment box  below-- of this blog site.
  • Posting current photos showing  a contestant's   eyelashes is preferred-- but not required.
  • Deadline for submission of entries is  on   December 3, 2010, Friday   at 11:55 p.m.
  •  Criteria to be used are as follows:
    • 25%:   Grammar and  writing style
    • 25%:   Reader engagement indicated by measures such as comments, likes and  tweets
    • 50%:   Story appeal and persuasiveness    
  • There will be two winners.  Each will  receive one bottle of ILASH®--  to be delivered via courier.
  • Winners will be informed on  December 5  so that  winners  can use ILASH®  more than 3 weeks ahead of  New Year.  (Remember that visible results can already be  seen in as early as 3 weeks.)
NOTE:  Joining  is easy.  Write and submit that entry now so  you can have those gorgeous, dramatic natural eye lashes in time for the New Year!